First, click the "SHOP" button and register.
Then, simply create an order and HUZZAH, your order will be assembled and ready for pickup or delivered to your door. It's that easy!
You might be wondering what the FOOD2U service costs.  You can pick up your order for FREE, or pay only $6 for delivery to within 7 miles of your store.  For orders further out than 7 miles, the fee increases
(click                        to learn more about longer distance delivery fees).
The service is available Monday through Saturday, with pickup times spanning between 11am and 7pm. Delivery times occur either between Noon-2 or
5pm-7pm Monday through Saturday.
Orders can be placed as many as 6 days in advance or up to just 3 hours ahead of the pickup or delivery time.

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How does FOOD2U Work?

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