a History

of Swensen's Magic Markets

In the early 1960's, Sherm Swensen moved to Twin Falls with his young family and opened a small grocery store that was fairly typical for that era...a small corner market with wood floors that sold local products from the area. What Sherm and his wife Zella lacked in capital, they made up for with hard work.

Three of Sherm's sons - Jerry, Richard, and Marion - also became involved in the business and the three brothers operated as many as 5 stores in the Magic Valley during their lifetimes. They developed certain niches in the business that has allowed the company to outlast the chain store price wars of the '80's and the influx of big box stores in the '90's.  In those days, Swensens Market proudly moved as much produce through its checkstands as any other "mart" or "co" in town.

Today, the Swensen family continues to operate three stores in the Magic Valley. At the heart of Swensen's success is a group of excellent employees, engaged customers, and a company goal to offer the best quality and value available.

With an eye to the future, and an appreciation of the past, Swensens Market aims to deepen its roots in the communities we all live in. Thanks for shopping the stores that feel like home.

 - Andrew & Benjamin Swensen

the original Swensens Market on Main Avenue in Twin Falls, Idaho
the Orchard Park location opened in 2007 in Twin Falls, Idaho

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